Transmission Repair Denver, CO

Repairman and client discussing the repair - transmission repair in Denver, CO


To service today's modern transmissions requires a high degree of technical skill and years of training. This is where AC Transmission excels. Our certified technicians perform everything from routine maintenance and minor repairs, to complete rebuilds on automatic transmissions, including all domestic and foreign vehicles, light and heavy duty trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, and motor homes, all in house! Do you own a vehicle that has a manual transmission that grinds, is hard to shift, or jumps out of gear? If so, bring your vehicle into AC Transmission as soon as possible. We will identify the problem and repair it to keep your vehicle running and your precious cargo safe. If your transmission needs a rebuild, we can handle that as well. If your vehicle has a clutch that is starting to slip or has no clutch pedal, we install only the best clutches available — LUK.

Whether it's a daily driver or heavy-duty use, LUK is the best clutch on the market. We also repair clutch linkage and/or clutch hydraulics. If you have an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle that is not working, our technicians will diagnose the problem, whether it's an electrical problem, major transfer case issue or a simple adjustment, we will repair it and get you back on the road. If your vehicle has a noise or a vibration, whether it's in the transmission, transfer case, flywheel, flexplate, driveshaft, CV axle, U-joints, front or rear differentials, AC Transmission will service or repair any of your drive train needs.