Brakes In Denver, CO

Brakes Service

AC Transmission is the most trusted Brake Specialist in the Denver Metro Area. Our conveniently located service station is located in Denver with multiple bays so that you can count on swift service. We will always try to make SAME DAY SERVICE a priority!

Does your vehicle have stopping problems or squeaky brakes?

If so, AC Transmission will do a FREE BASIC INSPECTION to let you know whether further service is necessary. Not all brake sounds mean you need new brakes, CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT.
Our BASIC inspections are always free.

It goes without saying that properly functioning brakes are crucial to not only the performance of your car, but also your safety. Many times, your vehicle's “Check Brake” light will illuminate, but at first sign of brake problems — whether slow reaction time, squeaking, grabbing, vibrations, grinding, hard or soft pedal, pulling to one side, etc. Don't wait to bring your vehicle in for inspection.

Call us to set up a speedy and FREE brake inspection!

AC Transmission promotes ratings and reviews of our business because we are confident about our work. Check out our ratings on the web as a brake and automobile expert HERE.

You can trust AC Transmission for your complete brake, inspection and maintenance needs. We use only the highest quality parts, at the best price available so we do the job right the first time. Our shop is fully staffed to help you save money and avoid the middle man. Call us for more details on our inspection process, pricing and scheduling.