drive Shafts In Denver, CO



AC Transmission provides complete drivetrain U-joint and driveshaft diagnosis and repair services. Our drivetrain specialists recommend your driveshaft and U-joints be inspected regularly for optimal performance of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs commonly have drive shaft slip joints that require lubrication. If you hear a squeaking when you accelerate from a stop or driving you should come in for a free diagnosis as soon as possible, because bad U-joints can actually cause your driveshaft to separate from the vehicle. We can also inspect and repair any issue with your “differential”, which is the part of your vehicle's drivetrain that enables your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when making turns. The differential is positioned between two wheels and attached to each wheel by an axle shaft, and can be susceptible to a variety of issues. If you detect any abnormal any issues, such as noise or vibrations, it could indicate a problem with your driveshaft or front or rear differentials. Bring your vehicle into AC Transmission today so we can identify and fix any problem your vehicle is having.