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October 2011

Dear Dave,

Bill and I want to thank you so much for going above and beyond in dealing with us, one extended warranty service in the repair of our car. Then with looking at it again. Not to mention keeping it safe while we were out of town for so long. And offering to come to your shop on a day you were closed to move it outside for us. Then lastly taking the time and someone else to drive it to the Dealer for further evaluation for us! Your assistance in all of those things was greatly appreciated! The company and the people you work for and with are very fortunate to have you in the front office to greet people and facilitate their car repair It’s not everyday that we find people like you and we want you to have this gift card as a small token of our appreciation. Please enjoy a dinner out on us. And please thank your co-workers for their hard work on our car! Of course we appreciate them too!

With gratitude,

Bill & Missy Robson

December 2011


You may not remember me, but probably almost two years ago now, on your recommendation, I bought a used engine, and you installed it, on my 1995 Nissan Maxima. Of course, there has never been any problems with it.
Anyway, a few days after you installed it , I was driving on Federal Blvd. near your shop, when my engine started to overheat, Thinking that it was connected to the new engine, I pulled into your shop, as it was near closing time. You soon found out it was a broken Top radiator hose which had nothing to do with the new engine. Despite that ,and also despite that you were already closed, you went ahead and drove me to the nearest auto retailer, so I could purchase a replacement hose and coolant. Then you took me back to your shop, where you fixed my car for free!

It is service like this, and your excellent attitude towards customer service that brings me back, and has brought me back, for many years. Please accept the check as a Token of my appreciation for your loyal service and dedication to your customers, and/or as a Christmas gift. Also, please give a copy of this letter to your company supervisors, as I would like them to know about This incident, and hopefully realize that I’m sure you are the main person responsible for the success of that shop. I have done business with you and your shop with all my cars in Colorado, at least dour,and would go to no other shop – due only to you.

Please excuse the crudeness of this letter, as I had hoped to print it up on a computer. Nevertheless, I still hope you do pass this letter up to the top of your management chain, so that they realize, if they don’t already, how valuable an employee you truly are. Your honest friendly, and great customer service is what keeps people like me coming back.

Thank you very much for your great service.


Thomas Kuspiel

May 2013

To my friends at AC Transmission

I can honestly call you friends for the kind, caring attention you gave me yesterday. you dont know the relief and security it gave me. Even as far away from me as you are located you have gained a new customer for any future needs I have with my car. Thank you both so much.


Naomi Michie

6780 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80221

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