Vehicle Maintenance

According to Marshall L. Doney, Vice President of AAA’s Automotive division, economic conditions have taken their toll on many Americans, resulting in them neglecting their cars and leaving them at increased risk for expensive repair bills. At¬†AC Transmission, we empathize with the general public, as the economy has hit us all hard. But, it is imperative that vehicle owners stay on top of maintaining their vehicles, with a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. AAA Automotive experts also argue that if vehicle owners don’t spend smaller amounts to maintain their cars, it could ultimately result in repair bills of $1000, $2000, or higher when parts fail and the car deteriorates. And, aside from costs, keeping up with preventive maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle performing well and lasting much longer.

Call AC Transmission today to develop a maintenance plan to help ensure you will be protected from major repairs and will enjoy a optimally performing vehicle every day.

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